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Hello! My name is Leila Sulentic.

Currently I am a senior at University High School in San Francisco, California. After spending the past year conducting an independent study in renewable energy and energy efficiency and working with my school's administration to implement environmental changes at our school,  I decided to create this blog to share my knowledge and help you and I make environmental changes in our lives and communities together! Here you will find blog posts about how to reduce your energy use, make your school/business/home more energy efficient, how to switch to renewable energy, information on environmental legislation and policies, everyday things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint, and more. Together let's work to make this world a little greener, healthier, and brighter! 

Leila Sulentic 

A SCUBA diver and aspiring marine biologist and environmentalist, I hope this blog can help educate and inspire people to take environmental action in their everyday lives to help ensure a greener and brighter future for our Earth! 

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